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Federal Volunteer Fire Fighter Income Tax Benefit
The Federal Volunteer FF income tax benefit is for $3000 and requires a letter confirming that the FF has a minimum of 200 hours of firefighting services for the year. See the link above for more information.

Sask. Provincial Volunteer Fire Fighter Income Tax Benefit
The Sask. Provincial FF income tax benefit can be claimed in 2020 and the firefighter must have a minimum of 200 hours of firefighting service. See the link above for more information.

Saskatchewan Building Standards 
This is the site of Saskatchewan Building Standards. Check it out for updated information in regards to the UBAS Act in Saskatchewan and other concerns.

Government of Saskatchewan 
This is the website of the Government of Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Office of Protocols and Honours
The Office of Protocol and Honours manages a comprehensive honors
and awards program including awards for the fire service. 

Three categories of honors

1. Orders are fellowships of honor usually recognizing a long record of distinguished achievement or service. Some orders have three or more levels or grades of membership. In some countries, such as the United Kingdom, orders may include knighthoods (the recipient becomes a "knight" or "dame").

2. Decorations recognize bravery, professionalism and exceptional devotion to duty, in three categories:

  • Military valour
  • Civilian bravery
  • Meritorious Service

3. Medals recognize general service with distinction or long or exemplary service or commemorate special occasions and anniversaries. Examples include:

  • War or military service medals
  • Canadian Forces, police, and firefighters exemplary service medals
  • Canada's Centennial, Silver Jubilee, and 125 Anniversary commemorative medals

For more information about honors and awards in Saskatchewan, contact:

Saskatchewan Honours and Awards Program
15th Floor, 1855 Victoria Avenue
Regina SK S4P 3V7
Phone: 306-787-8965
Toll-free: 877-427-5505
Fax: 306-787-1269