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2000 Superior Freightliner Rescue Pumper

Weyburn Fire Department is selling their 2000 Superior Freightliner Rescue Pumper. A significant amount of equipment will also be included with the sale of this unit, including ground ladders, suction and discharge hoses, nozzles, pike poles, axes, ground monitors, thermal image camera, gas monitors, etc. See the below files for pictures and more details (including contact info).

Vehicle details and pics pt. 1

Pics pt. 2

Pics pt. 3

Pics pt. 4

Pics pt. 5

Pics pt. 6

Humboldt F550 Rescue Truck For Sale

The Humboldt Fire Department is looking to sell their 2002 F550 Ford Rescue Truck. The Request for Quotes will be open until 3:00 pm on 28 Feb 18. Click here to check out the information package they provided, which includes vehicle specifications, address to send the quote to, and more vehicle pictures.

Clearwater County is looking for a Deputy Chief and Assistant Chief

Clearwater County is seeking the right fit for their team. Clearwater County, the Town of Rocky Mountain House and the Village of Caroline are partnered to provide their residents with a regional approach to fire rescue services and prevention programs. They require a Deputy Fire Chief and an Assistant Fire Chief to build on the goals for efficiencies, team morale, team building, and transparent communications.

Due to the requirement to respond to emergencies calls and to be available to be on-call, the successful candidates must be willing to live within Clearwater County. Both vacancies are salaried positions, at 40 hours/week, generally from Monday to Friday. The County provides a comprehensive group benefits program, pension plan, professional development, and vacation leave.

Click here for more information about the positions and how to apply.

2018 SGI Fire Suppression Policy & Vehicle Extrication Rates

Effective January 1, 2018 the hourly rate for a productive call is $913.00, and the hourly rate for a non-productive call is $549.00. The increase is based on the Saskatchewan Consumer Price Index of 1.7% for 2017.


The vision statement of the Saskatchewan Association of Fire Chiefs is that the SAFC continuously strives to be the voice and leadership for the Fire Service in the province of Saskatchewan.

The mission of the Saskatchewan Association of Fire Chiefs shall be to provide our member Fire and Emergency Service colleagues with information and education to better serve our communities; while maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards.


Click here to view Environment Canada’s factsheet regarding the upcoming prohibition on PFOS in AFFF fire fighting foams.

What Every Firefighter Should Know.

Fire fighters are at risk of asbestos exposure because of its frequent use in older structures and its ability to linger in the air even after a fire has been extinguished. Click here for more information.


Who Are We?: A dedicated group of firefighters and civilians who work to offer a “hand up” to our brother and sister firefighters in less developed countries. All FWB Canada members volunteer their time and energy to collect equipment, educate others about our organization and deliver training when deployed in country.

Click here for more details about us and how to donate.


SaskPower recently developed an electrical safety video in partnership with the Canadian Electricity Association and other utilities across Canada.It describes common scenarios first responders may come across when responding to incidents involving electricity. Click here to view the video.